Must monetize now to retain the best creators or they may

Leonard Pitts column wherein he states that President travel ban, is a national embarrassment is really only a temporary travel restriction with language that allows for individual case appeal as necessary. It also does not affect people traveling with existing Cards or visas. He alludes that this geographic restriction is based on religion, specifically Muslims.

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replica oakleys An article written by the Guardian entitled Retail disruption: how technology is influencing consumer buying habits, discussed the concept of analysing a consumers decision making process against a theoretical model relating to consumer behaviour. The model discusses five stages that consumers go through when purchasing produce and looks at: the search for information, the recognition of needs, pre and post purchase evaluation and evaluation of alternative produce. The article goes on to say that with new technological advancements such as location based services businesses are able to directly market their produce to consumers on a convenient format of their mobile devices; with this digital strategy businesses could use consumer habits and locations to offer services, tailored to cater to their consumers needs (Abidi, 2012) replica oakleys.

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