Their arch rivals are Green Bay Packers

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cheap nfl jerseys The team has won eight NFL Championships and Super Bowl XX. Since 1971 they play on Soldier Field stadium. Their arch rivals are Green Bay Packers. There was a regular season game there back in 2005, but this is is the first ever Monday Night Football game, so the fact that it»s that one game, the only game that»s on on Monday night and it will be from Mexico City, I think that»s really cool. It has a historical feel to it.The game comes less than two weeks after the election. What effect, if any, do you think that will have?You know it is about sports and I have no idea what will happen down there, I don»t think anybody does in terms of if there will be any sort of reaction to what»s happened here politically and what people will perceive as future policies that involve Mexico, so I think that»s a real unknown.But I do think the fact that it is a sporting event and I think globally what people are passionate about globally, it pretty much comes down to sports and music.People around the world love their sports and they love their music and those seem to be the two things that transcend politics, for the most part cheap nfl jerseys.

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